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Process Consulting


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Business work and procedures very often are a series of processes, steps or actions. Many of these are undocumented and yet have a profound impact on cost, time and service. SBS possesses the skill, experience and methodology to map, evaluate business procedures. This inturn will provide business owners to visually see and learn of the work being performed, and to judge – “are we doing things right?”  Process consulting work includes the following: 

Process mapping – Mapping is a pictorial representation of those actions that comprise a process. It includes a step-by-step research of business procedures and documenting these in clear discernable way. By visually seeing the process, business owners can assess the following:

  • What gaps do I have in my processes? What is the cost of each?
  • Do I have effective internal controls?
  • What are my risks associated with each step if procedures are not followed?