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SBS provides exceptional business planning and consulting services to prepare your business to achieve excellence and take your strategy to the next level. Our approach is based on the belief that success in business requires flexibility, effective planning and holistic execution of strategy. As experienced performance improvement associates, SBS brings an approach built on the company’s business expertise in the private sector and our core principles.

SBS will work with your company to develop sound business strategy and sustainable business performance. From developing a concept and business plans to reinvigorating mature business strategy, SBS helps companies tackle complex competitive challenges, shaping the future of your business towards profitable growth and longevity. SBS list of business consulting services include:

  • Business plan preparation
  • Business plan and investor presentation assessment
  • Management structure and development
  • Start-up strategy consultation
  • Assist in the validation of new products and offerings
  • Review and update business strategic and tactical plans
  • Business strategy activation and alignment
  • Marketing and Branding Strategy assessment
  • Market research and analysis
  • Competitor research and analysis