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About SBS

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Servius Business Solutions is a veteran owned business, equip with the resident knowledge of commercial business and government business. The company is well-versed in those critical attributes required to run a business in all stages of the business cycle. SBS understands the comprehensive framework for starting and operating a business, and provides comprehensive trustworthy guidance and mentorship for business owners who seek guidance throughout all life stages of the business.

The SBS approach is based on a triad of three solid core values

Quality – Managing high quality is absolutely pivotal for all SBS work and deliverables. Our quality work helps to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty, and helps our clients to increased efficiency and decrease costs. Having a strong reputation for quality reinforces our brand and fosters the vital business-client relationship

Value – SBS understands the importance of value and how intrinsic it is in the mind of a customer. Understanding our customer in establishing a trustworthy relationship is the hallmark of all SBS work. SBS believes in “customer based solutions”, which are those solutions driven from the ultimate intent and desire of the customer. The ultimate goal or “end state” of the customer is the focus of all SBS deliverables. This focus drives the value added to all our services and products.

Commitment – The word Servius is derived from the Latin word “Servo” which is defined as one “who preserves”. SBS believes commitment is the essential ingredient for successful delivery of products; preserving that relationship is pivotal to the delivering of high valued quality work. Commitment to products, customers and to our core values – this is the SBS way.

This three-tiered foundation provides a solid framework for effective business solutions, one which fosters trust, confidence and a shared vision of success.

Value statement: Servius Business Solutions highest priority is the customer. We understand the customer’s business need and desired end state which is paramount to delivering high quality service and establishing trustworthy relationships. Having this shared vision of success drives SBS to deliver customer based solutions based on integrity, hard work and focus.